Top 15 Lesbian OnlyFans Models to Follow in 2024

A girl on top of another girl, licking and sucking one another’s boobs, fucking each other with giant dildos, how amazing the scene would be! If you want to witness this sensual and the most erotic way of having sex, then you must go through our top 15 Lesbian OnlyFans Models who showcase their wildest contents to make you horny. There are thousands of hot general models but do you know what’s even better? Witnessing a spicy show of multiple women getting along together. 

The more the merrier, they say. That’s why to help you get the best OnlyFans lesbian model accounts, here we have compiled the top 15 of them. All of these models have been chosen depending on various criteria like their quality of content, hotness, availability, subscription rate, professionalism and so on. These models are beautiful, sexy, horny, and passionate enough to have a penchant for something lustful. There’s no doubt that you will love these amazing sluts. So, without delaying further, let’s start the journey. 

1.Riley Reid

Riley Reid

Riley Reid is an OnlyFans lesbian content creator who brings high-quality girl-on-girl content. She is one of the sexiest all-natural models in OnlyFans. Riley is always ready to have a smoking hot scene with her girlfriends. You will see 3 of her girlfriends with 3 guys and trading them with one another. She comes live with her friends and shows off their muffins together, licking and sucking each other’s pussy. They would fuck each other with big dildos and sit on the face. There cannot be anything hornier than seeing two girls rubbing their vaginas together. Famous porn star Aspen Rae is so impressed with her performance that she has been dying to have a scene with Riley. In one of her interviews she claimed that from her school days, she has always been very horny. Riley had a girlfriend and she always used to be the male dominant. With more than 800+ videos on her OnlyFans account, she has been ruling this category. You can get her subscription for $5 per month and $149.94 per year. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $5 for 31 days
  • Photos: 15.4k
  • Videos: 831
  • Likes: 3.10M



These lesbian couples OnlyFans named Blake and Bambi are two Kiwi girls who fell in love with each other in a strip club. They started hanging out and started making porn videos of themselves having sex. In their live stream, one can witness the closest pussy licking videos where they drink up their creampies. They are a very horny couple and are mostly known for their lesbian stuff and self-deprecating humor. They can perform in all positions showing off their pink pussy and peach-shaped butt. They play with toys, giant dildos, vibrators and whatnot. Sometimes they also arrange shows where they do gangbang, altering their male partners. Their contents are very spicy and engaging to watch. You can take their subscription for $6.98 per month and $91.37 per year. With 1k+ posts they have taken over the OnlyFans platform in a very short time. This lesbian couple is one of the best OnlyFans lesbian accounts.

Key Features

  • Subscription: $6.98 for 31 days
  • Photos: 854
  • Videos: 126
  • Likes: 74.7k

3.Brooke is Creamy

Brooke is creamy

Brooke, the blonde girl, is one of the best lesbian OnlyFans whose contents range from a girl-on-girl to an orgy, anal, stepmom, stepsister, and so on. She does everything on fan request. Her athletic figure with medium-sized boobs and luscious butt is more than enough to satisfy the users. Hailing from Florida, she gives her users personalized cumming sessions. Brooke is fond of her cat, attends concerts and love getting fucked. Her stepmom and stepsister sessions on OnlyFans live, are filled with some real wilderness. Sucking each other’s boobs, humping, and scissoring will make your dick rise from the grave. She also performs theme plays as per fan’s requests. With more than 15k posts, she caters to her user’s demands every day. Brooke’s account does not have any subscription. One can see every content completely for free. 

Key Features 

  • Subscription: Free
  • Photos: 12.6k
  • Videos: 2.5k
  • Likes: 1.85M

4.Karley Stokes

Karley Stokes

The queen of lesbians Karley Stokes is an outstanding OnlyFans model who caters to serve the kinky lesbian fetish. Hailing from Florida, she has been in the porn industry for a long time. Her live shows in OnlyFans are of mixed category. However, lesbian videos are the most famous ones when it comes to popularity. She loves gangbang with multiple girls and boys. The way she squeezes and licks the boobs and the pussy is something that will make your jerk-off session an amazing one. Furthermore, you will get many previous OnlyFans lesbian leaks of her. Her account is totally free, and you can sext, video chat, and have nudes of her. This pornstar and OnlyFans model is no doubt the best one when it comes to watching lesbian hardcore. She is very popular on Instagram having 120k followers and regularly updates her feed with sexy bikini photos and reels. More than 20k posts in OnlyFans she has become one of the most popular lesbian models. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: Free
  • Photos: 17.9k
  • Videos: 2.4k
  • Likes: 2.74M

5.Miley Mayes

Miley Mayes

Be careful because once you start watching this horny bitch and her girl gang, you won’t be able to handle your little brother. Yes, Miley Mayes is one of the horniest sluts in the OnlyFans lesbians category who can go to any extent to make her audience cum like a waterfall. Her hot lesbian live shows and videos full of sluts can be watched for $5 per month. She loves to get banged by males as well as females. Giant dildos, heightened vibrators with multi-layered penetration- all one can see in her life streams. Her lesbian girlfriends with their partners get into some really wild sessions. So, if you want to experience these kinky lesbian OnlyFans videos, you must take a subscription. You can take her subscription for $5 per month. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $5 for 31 days
  • Post: 494
  • Likes: 12.8k



This young OnlyFans lesbian model is an all-rounder performer. But, she is specifically well known for her outstanding lesbian category content. Yumi is just 19 years old but she is mature enough to understand your kinky fetishes. That’s why, keeping in mind your needs, she caters to the lesbian fetish. Users from various corners of the world who take subscriptions to watch her shows. She is shy and is a gamer nerd type girl who loves playing with her girlfriends. Her subscription is free of cost and she provides her service in a way that wouldn’t be possible for any other model in OnlyFans. Her lesbian scenes where she sucks her girlfriends’ clitty and inserts big dildos are something to witness. The usage of vibrators and various sex toys while having the sessions is not only sensual but also extremely erotic. So, if you want to witness this young and vibrant lesbian girl in OnlyFans for free of cost, then you must go for her. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $3 for 31 days
  • Photos: 175
  • Live streams: 40
  • Likes: 62.8k

7.Audrey and Saddie

Audrey and Saddie

This is another iconic lesbian couples OnlyFans with tons of subscribers. They create one of the best lesbian videos, keeping in mind their user’s fantasies. They hump, scissors, and cum together. The moment of their pussy getting creamy is the ultimate to watch. You will see JOI multiple penetrations through vibrators and dildos. Triple penetration with a vibrator on the client, a dildo in the vagina, and another vibrator inside the butthole. Can you imagine the ultimate satisfaction they would get? Yes, this couple goes to this extent to entertain their users. Ass eating, threesome, foursome, and squirting all can be seen in their performances. These Australian sluts always come up with something nasty and dirty to lure their users into their erotic charm. You can take their subscription for $3 per month and $156 per year. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $6 for 31 days
  • Photos: 5.2k
  • Videos: 259
  • Likes: 1.20M

8.Lena paul

Lena Paul

Lena Paul is one of the best lesbian porn OnlyFans providing the best service. Her petite body type, tight pussy, small tits, perfectly round ass is something that anyone would fall for. Be it oral stimulation, manual sex, mutual masturbation, scissoring, and humping, all can be seen in her videos. Her live sessions are also filled with these types of lesbian stuff. She knows people with lesbian kinks need to be satisfied. That is why she comes live and holds sessions with her girlfriends. Apart from OnlyFans she has also appeared in more than 150 porn movies. Lena has worked with famous pornstars like Autumn Falls, Angela White, Pristine Edge and so on. Her successful career as an adult model has been proved by the number of awards she has won for her outstanding performance. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $6.99 per month
  • Photos: 1.5k
  • Videos: 212
  • Likes: 2.3M

9.Goddess Lynn

Goddess Lynn

Goddess Lynn is in one word a goddess in the category of lesbian sex. She is keenly a lesbian and financial dominatrix with thousands of subscribers dying to pay her to see her pussy getting eaten by another girl. In most of her videos, she is dominant and makes other girls follow her orders. Be it masturbation, boob sucking, pussy licking, humping, or scissoring, all are here in her live-streaming sessions. Lynn is always online and streams ceaselessly. No matter when you visit her profile, you will see her live. You can subscribe to her for $13 per month and $78 per year. It may seem a little expensive but you will get high-quality lesbian content for sure. If you like her, make sure to opt for a 6 month or one-year subscription. Furthermore, she also gives discounts during festive seasons. Goddess Lynn has one of the best lesbian OnlyFans accounts full of viral content.

Key Features

  • Subscription: $13 per month
  • Photos: 1.1k
  • Videos: 50
  • Likes: 135.8k



An innocent-looking girl with two big tits fucking another girl. Is there anything sexier than this? Possibly no. This 4 ’11 OnlyFans lesbian girl comes live every night with smoking-hot content. Her contents are mixed. Some days, she comes solo and masturbates, other days she comes with her bunch of girlfriends and does kinky stuff. Jessi entertains her fans with both x-rated boy-girl and girl-girl content. Hailing from Japan, she is available on various platforms like Playboy PPVs, Twitch, Depop, Venmo, and so on. Jessi has more than 1k posts and 190+ videos in her OnlyFans. With 190M followers her subscription is $30 per month and 180 dollars for 6 months. Jessi is quite expensive, but the quality content you will get is worth spending the money. So, to fulfill your lesbian fetish, all you have to do is join her live sessions and request lesbian stuff. Jessi will definitely make your wish fulfilled. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $30 per month
  • Photos: 783
  • Videos: 192
  • Likes: 327.8k

11.Amber Jade

Amber Jade

Amber Jade is a very famous adult actress and the best lesbian OnlyFans model. She is from Brighton, England, and is currently traveling the world. Her cravings for sexual fulfillment have brought her into the world of camming and eventually into OnlyFans. This blonde girl with her extreme appetite for girls loves doing lesbian sessions. Amber loves when her girlfriends sucks her giant boobs and tight pink pussy. Scissoring and humping on each other’s pussy, licking one another’s assholes are something to watch for real enjoyment. With more than 7k posts and 20+ streams, she is ruling the OnlyFans arena. Amber regularly updates her feed with hot content and provides various discount offers. You do not need to take a subscription to watch her live shows and other posts. Her profile is completely free. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: Free
  • Photos: 6.4k
  • Videos: 1.3k
  • Likes: 600.7k

12.Cheerleader Kait

Cheerleader Kait

Kait is a college cheerleader and a fitness model. Her main motive is to show off her body features and get wild. Most of her cheerleading teammates are in OnlyFans and doing girl-on-girl content is nothing new for them. She regularly comes with smoking hot lesbian videos with her girlfriends. Be it girl on girl, multiple girls with boys, foursome, gangbang all can be seen in her live streams. Kait is super horny and always ready to bang her girls wearing belt dildos. She might not be a boy, but she can fuck like boys. Kait is fun-loving, vibrant and young which is reflected on her lesbian sessions. You can opt for her subscription if you like something fun and joyous. Her subscription is $5 per month and $59.94 for a year. This OnlyFans lesbian model is one of the best ones for a good experience. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $5 for 32 days
  • Photos: 3.0k
  • Videos: 663
  • Likes: 2.55M

13.Baby Tatiana

Baby Tatiana

Baby Tatiana is a verified OnlyFans model who loves making lesbian videos for her users. She is a dirty slut like streamer who has incredible booty and massive boobs. This red-haired girl with her outstanding performance with girls is something one would love watching hours after hours. Apart from lesbian sex, she can do an orgy, threesome, foursome, hardcore sex, bj, and so on. There’s no shortage of girl-on-girl content in her profile. Tatiana has a big girl gang who often comes with her in her live videos. She is so kind-hearted that she makes her friends cum by licking their pussies. So, if you want to watch this pussy sucking bitch you have to take the subscription of $30 per month and $180 for a year. Take the subscription of this lesbians OnlyFans model and enjoy. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $30 per month
  • Photos: 32.4k
  • Videos: 660
  • Likes: 1.20M



The goth gf named Alice with her red hair and luscious butt is a young lesbian girl. Her naughty and vibrant nature makes her OnlyFans lesbian sessions all the more enjoyable for a user. One cannot get an idea about how naughty she can be until one starts watching her streams. Alice can perform solo, lesbian, orgies, threesome, and ride monster dildos. But, even if she performs all, lesbian sex is the best among all. Her tiny boobs and petite figure is something that many would like. She is basically a fucking machine who loves fucking and getting fucked. You will see varieties of offers going on in her OnlyFans account. You can get her monthly subscription for $3 and 3 monthly subscriptions for $ 30.60, $57.60 for 6 months, and $108 for a year. And the best part is you will get a free lesbian sex tape with each plan. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $3 for 31 days
  • Photos: 250
  • Videos: 102
  • Likes: 16.1k



This naughty Asian girl might seem little but is one of the horniest lesbian OnlyFans. She is vibrant, young, and playful. She has just entered the camming world and within a few days has made a huge fan base across the globe. Her love for making out with girls and showcasing their outstanding body features in live streams is not comparable. She regularly updates her OnlyFans account with new videos and keeps entertaining her fans in various ways. Any not only loves sucking her girlfriends’ pussy but also loves making one suck her pink pussy. She has more than 300 posts in her profile, and soon she will hit a great level of subscribers. So, if you want to experience this petite young chick with her huge ass getting fucked by dildos, then you must take her subscription. It would cost $3 per month to witness a hotty with another hotty. 

Key Features

  • Subscription: $3 for 31 days
  • Photos: 302
  • Likes: 9.2k

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of lesbian OnlyFans models, but not all of them are worth leaping for. This list of top 15 Lesbian models has been made with extreme scrutiny and background research. All of them are hot and are truly lesbian. They are passionate enough to make the videos more engaging and enjoyable for the users. Check out these angels and decide which one you should go for. 

Here you will get to see everything related to lesbian sex. Be it humping, scissoring, rubbing, masturbation, threesome, foursome, multiple penetrations, dildo riding, or vibrators; all can be seen in their videos. So, if you have the kinky lesbian fetish want to experience some real wild lesbians in OnlyFans, then this list is just for you. 

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