Write For Us + Adult: Adult Guest Post Submission

Are you a capable wordsmith who can weave compelling narratives? If yes, keep scrolling! Welcome to 10bestsexcams, where you can broadcast your take on topics related to the adult niche. Consider this to be your one-stop opportunity to showcase your creativity to millions of readers.

For starters, 10bestsexcams is one of the leading adult cam entertainment in the country. We present you with this exciting chance to collaborate with our digital marketing team as a guest contributor. So, if you’re a content creator who can write grammatically correct UK English with a fresh new perspective when you write for us adult content, keep scrolling…

We’re a bit picky when it comes to quality and ingenuity. 10bestsexcams likes to curate content not just for search engines- but primarily for readers. So, anyone who can stick to our exceptional standards- we welcome you with open arms!


Why Write for Us?

We offer paid content writing, aka adult guest posting opportunities with respect to your penmanship skills and creativity. If you think what it takes to be 10bestsexcam’s “Write for us + adult” guest contributor, here’s what you need to do:


Submission Guidelines

Before we move on, please familiarise yourself with our guidelines for curating an engaging adult guest post:

       Approach Write for Us + Adult content with a conversational voice, using words like “you” and “I”-as if you’re talking to the reader.

       The intro, body, and conclusion- your submission must have 3 main sections. Also, your concluding paragraphs should be strictly labelled as “Conclusion.”

       The body must contain meaningful subheadings- breaking down your content body into bite-sized info makes it easier for the readers to digest!

       Make sure the paragraphs are no more than 5 to 6 sentences.

       Use at least one image- it’s mandatory! However, the images(s) must make sense.

       Minimum 1000 words- 0% AI & 100% plagiarism free.

       Headline that catches the eye.

       Bonus points for wrapping up your conclusion with a thought-provoking question.


Topics We Accept

For the record, our content requirements are pretty diverse. However, in our Write for Us adult campaign, we’re expecting topics on:

  1. Escorting
  2. Dating
  3. Sex & Relationships
  4. Adult
  5. Webcam

These are the topics which we cater to the most, but it’s way beyond what we’ve mentioned! In that case, 10bestsexcams would love to partner with versatile content creators who can write on all sorts of topics AI & plagiarism-free.

Writing Style & Tone

In the adult guest posting niche, everything should have a friendly vibe- something like a conversational piece to which the readers can relate. Picture yourself speaking to the reader, as if the two of you are having a friendly discussion. Therefore, rather than comment on something like “They think or They say,” you can replace the sentence with it as “You can” or “You might.”

Imagine that you are talking to an acquaintance and have some positive advice to share. Keep it simple, catchy, and in layman’s terms. Use a tone that fits the mood you are trying to set- whether it is lighthearted, informative, or sensual with respect to the topic.

Keep in mind that the aim is to make the reader feel like they are part of the conversation. So, use words and phrases closer to them. Most importantly, enjoy the process! The perks of writing for a mature audience are that you can be creative. Feel free to inject your personality into the content you curate.


Word Count & Formatting

As already mentioned, we accept at least 1000 words and above! And make sure it’s AI & plagiarism-free. Keep it real, and keep it interesting.

Now for the formatting:

       For your write for us adult submission, make sure that your piece has three main elements: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

       In the body, we want you to organize your thoughts. Imagine it like chapters in a book. Divide your content into small, digestible chunks with meaningful subheadings. Doing so makes reading your content easy and fun. Besides, ensure that the paragraphs are not too long – about 5 or 6 sentences each. Also, try to keep the sentences short, not more than 10-12 words each. This keeps readers hooked to your content, especially if they’re scrolling on their phones.

       Lastly, wrap it up with a conclusion. Think of it like the ending of a movie – sum up what you’ve said and leave your readers with something to think about. Label it clearly as “Conclusion” so your readers know you’re wrapping things up.

Bonus Tip: Remember to add some flair! Spice it up with your unique writing style. Bear in mind that the tone depends on what you’re writing about – whether it’s playful, informative, or sensual.


Rights & Compensation

Even if you write for us adult guest post(s), consider your writing as your greatest work of art. When you curate something those words belong to you – and you only. Being a guest contributor for 10bestsexcams doesn’t change that! You remain the rightful owner. It is similar to giving your favourite book to a friend – the friend can enjoy it, but you still own it. In the same way, we have the right to publish your work, but you retain the copyright.

As for the compensation, you receive more than just a payout! We offer you exposure- your name and work get noticed in the adult guest posting world. What more could you probably ask for?


Editorial Process

The editorial process is essential when you write for us adult blogs, so take a closer look:

Step 1: Submission

First, you send in your cool stuff. It is like turning in an assignment, only a lot more fun.

Step 2: Review

Next, the blog team goes through what you’ve written. They evaluate for aspects such as spelling, grammar, and tone to make sure that it aligns perfectly with the topic you’ve chosen. Sometimes, we may recommend you to make some changes – just to make sure everything’s picture-perfect. But that’s a rare affair!

Step 3: Approval

Once everything looks good, your piece gets a pass. Then, it will be up live on our blog! And that’s it…

As you can see, the editorial process is like a behind-the-scenes magic show, turning your words into a fantastic piece for the readers to relish. It’s a series of crucial steps for quality control and putting out amazing content pieces.


Content Policies

Before you write for us adult content, let’s have a look at some content guidelines – the do’s and don’ts, if you will.

Restrictions and Prohibited Content

First things first, we need to keep it clean and legal. So, no explicit or illegal stuff, right? We want content that’s safe and enjoyable for everyone. If it’s something you wouldn’t show your grandma, it’s probably a no-go.

Responsible and Respectful Writing

Now, let’s talk about responsible and respectful writing. We’re all about keeping it classy in the adult context. That means no crossing boundaries or getting too wild. Think of it like a friendly chat rather than a late-night talk show – keep it cool, keep it respectful.

Consent, Inclusivity, and Ethical Storytelling:

Lastly, let’s touch on some really important stuff – consent, inclusivity, and ethical storytelling. Always get permission before sharing personal stories, and make sure your content is inclusive. We’re all about embracing diversity here. And when you tell a story, do it ethically – be truthful and consider how it might impact others.

So, in a nutshell, let’s keep it clean, classy, and considerate. We’re excited to review what awesome content you’ll bring to the table! All the best…


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