Jerkmate Review

Jerkmate is an online adult cam site where one can experience live cam sessions with hot models, chat with them, meet horny strangers, and make connections. For people who are looking for some erotic content to jerk off with ease, this site is for them. And in this article, we will give you a true Jerkmate review for your better understanding.

Jerkmate has been on the internet for a very long time and has become one of the most popular sites among similar platforms. There are tons of features, pros, cons, privacy policies, and settings that you need to know for a comprehensive idea of Jerkmate itself. That’s why you must go through our in-depth review of it so that you can learn about the insides and outs.

So, without any delay, let’s go through these reviews on Jerkmate so that you can understand what you liked and disliked about Jerkmate.

Jerkmate Review

Jerkmate History and Background

Jerkmate is a platform that is affiliated with Streamate, an Eastern European company solely dedicated to sexual interaction. It was created in the year 2019 and, since then, has been serving users with popular pornstars and cam models. Jerkmate is a White Label site that exists with the purpose of rebranding another cam site named Streamate. But the layer over the top of this disguise is much more sophisticated and hence cannot be identified accurately. As per our Jerkmate review, the TrademarkTM company reserves all the rights of Jerkmate.

Jerkmate’s sole purpose is to take users’ sexual appetites to the next level and fulfill them with the best quality interactive live sex sessions. Jerkmate claims that once a user comes here, they will get to masturbate with strangers and will “never jerk off alone again.” With this motif in mind, the developers have launched multiple selection filters so that one can get the exact person they like. This is a safe and anonymous place where users can explore their sexual fantasies without worrying about your identity disclosure. This review will help you know everything about the platform, from its beginning to ongoing things.

Jerkmate Review: Top Key Features

Jerkmate has multiple features that users can enjoy. Users can open an account for free, but there are very limited free features. One needs to take a paid subscription to enjoy the unlimited features. Here are some of the top-notch key features:

Private chat

If you want to talk with someone alone, you may request a private chat session with your desired cam model or fellow user. This feature lets you have a close encounter and sex chat with the person you like.

Search filter

Jerkmate has an extensive search filter. With this search filter, you can find the exact type they want. You will get filters of different genders, sexuality, age, and location. Apart from these filters, you can also search with categories like BDSM, roleplay, masturbation, deepthroat, and so on. To narrow down the search result even more, one can search with boob size, waist size, ass size, complexion, and body type as well.

Favorite list

Suppose you like some particular models and don’t want to waste your time on other models; users can add those models to their favorite list. You will have a shortcut to watch their videos and content.

Live cam

With this live cam feature, audience can watch free live cams. Models and users from various parts of the world come and perform live sessions to get an outstanding sexual experience. Jerkmates live review of streams is something that everyone needs to know.


As per our Jerkmate reviews, users with a premium account can directly chat with other users and models using the chat box feature.


With this media feature, you will be able to view some media files of the models that are for sale. Adding videos and photos to your list and accessing video stores are all available with this special feature.

Spin the Wheel

This feature is one of the most fun features. This is to entertain the users and make the watch hours more enjoyable and engaging. Here, you will be able to spin the roulette by spending some gold coins. Where the arrow stops, the cam model will perform the exact thing for you. This way, you are tipping the model and also getting what you want.

Sex Games

There is a sex game in Jerkmate that one can play to make their jerk-off journey even more fun. The game is basically a porn game.

Fan club

With this fan club feature, you will be able to join the fan club of their favorite model and get discounts. You will also get to watch their exclusive live sessions.


There is a reward feature that allows one to get rewards upon fulfilling certain targets. These rewards help users collect some extra gold coins that they can spend later.

Porn video

There’s an option called porn videos that has different types of porn videos of famous pornstars. One can access these videos with a premium subscription.

World Map

With the world map feature, you will be able to select your favorite cam model from the country you like the most. This feature helps people get the ethnicity they want. 

Apart from these features, there are many more that one can use in this app. But the only thing is that free features are very limited, almost equivalent to none. To access these features, one has to take a paid subscription. With a free account, users can only see the 10-second teaser of videos and the thumbnails.

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How do I operate Jerkmate?

Anyone, with or without experience, can operate this site easily. Follow the points below to know.

Watch Live Session

Then, search for the type of model you like, filter the results, and then visit the cam model live session you want. Hot models of different ethnicities and figures come here and do erotic stuff for you. Tons of hot content will help you jerk off anytime. And this Jerkmate live review gives you an idea of the live sessions.

Make Connections

In the live sessions, you can chat with other fellow users and cam models as well. There is a group chat box as well as a private and exclusive chat box. These features help you talk with your desired person and make connections.

In this review, we have mentioned everything about the function of Jerkmate. With hundreds of features in Jerkmate, operating this platform is so easy. The interface of the site is user-friendly and easy to access. So, whether you are a pro or an amateur new browser, you will be able to operate Jerkmate easily.

Pros and cons

There’s always a good and bad side to everything. And the important thing is you need to know both sides so that you can decide whether you should go for it or not. The same goes with Jerkmate. Here are some pros and cons of our reviews on Jerkmate that will give you a better understanding.



Cam Model Categories


Here in Jerkmate, you will get female, male, trans, and couple cam models belonging to various countries. When you go to the all-category option, you will see the country names alphabetically, from where you can select models of your desired country. Furthermore, you will get different cam model categories like BBW cams, ebony cams, MILF cams, mature cams, and Asian cams.

Jerk 1

Model Profile Details

In Jerkmate, only the models can have full-fledged profiles of their own. One can see their live streaming schedule, their turn-on times, photos, and videos. The About Me section includes their personal information in detail. You will be able to know their sexual orientation, likes and dislikes, expertise, and so on.

Performance Level

While making these Jerkmate reviews, we have gone through the model profiles and analyzed them. And we have seen that cam models tend to perform various sexual things. Whatever the users demand from them, they do it. Be it a BDSM session, roleplay, masturbation, sex toy playing, humping, striptease, naked dance, twerking, or anything else, the models perform everything. With just a token of gold, you can make the models perform whatever you want.

Cam Quality

The quality of the cam videos is of top-notch quality. Most of the videos are HD and have higher resolution. No cam model with a low-quality camera can stream their live sessions. They need to have a good-quality camera while streaming. Jerkmate live review of the cams has found out that the quality is very high.

Community and Interaction

There are so many interactive features in Jerkmate to make communities. This review, Jerkmate, made it easy for you to understand.

Chat Features

There are multiple chat features in Jerkmate. The private chat allows you to have sex and video chat with the cam models. This allows you to have a more personalized interaction experience. In the chat room, you will be able to watch live cams and chat with fellow users and models. Apart from these, there is also group chat and exclusive chat features of different types.

Fan Groups

You will get fan communities of certain cam models where users of similar fetish and sexual kinks can connect. Here, one will get notified about the schedule of their favorite cam model. Due to being fans, you may get certain discounts as well.

Tips and Token System

Tips and tokens are the sole way of interaction in Jerkmate. This is a two-way interactive option where you tip the cam model with some gold token, and she will, in turn, do whatever you want. Spending gold tokens on models may lead you to get some special perks and attention, which is the best way to build good relationships with cam models. There are several token packages that you can buy with real money. One token costs $1.


Jerkmate Review: How to Create an Account?

One has to create an account or register in the first place to get access. This Jerkmate com review will instruct you about the account creation process step by step.

  • Firstly, all you need is to input a valid email ID and nickname (username).
  • Then, give an 8-digit password and create the account. 
  • After that, Jerkmate will send a verification mail to your email address.
  • Verify the account by clicking on the link in the mail. 
  • And your account will be created. 
  • Next, go to the profile option and select your language. 
  • Creating the account is free, but to get full access, one needs to take a subscription.

Jerkmate Site Interface

While making these Jerkmate reviews, we have deeply analyzed the site interface. After creating the account, you will see the complete site interface. On the left sidebar, you will see the menus and options. On the right side, you will see the ongoing live cams of various models. The top left sidebar consists of the options home, my messenger, my media collection, video store, new models, GOLD shows, recently viewed, my favorite, and activity feed. The account setting option on the middle left side includes the user profile, daily spending limit, discounts/credits, updated payment information, my rewards, purchase history, fan club management, and change password. Then, the lower left sidebar has notification settings, email settings, support, site language, and the logout option.

The Jerkmate site interface is very easy to understand and easy to use. It has very clear-cut options, and users won’t have any problems accessing them.

Jerkmate Site Interface

Cost and Membership

Let’s discuss the cost and membership of Jerkmate. While creating this Jerkmate com review, our team has done a deep investigation to let you know about the prices.

Freemium vs Premium

Creating an account is free of cost in Jerkmate. The free membership, however, does not last for a long time. With the free membership you would only be able to see the thumbnail of videos and the teasers. This is equivalent to having nothing. 

On the other hand, the premium membership allows you to have a private and exclusive chat, gold shows, spin the wheel game cam2cam video chat, premium photos and videos, and so many other options. In premium membership, you will get everything one needs on a cam site. This is basically the VIP treatment you will get.

Premium Membership Cost

Jerkmate premium membership process is totally different from other general cam sites. There is no particular price or duration for premium membership in Jerkmate. To confirm that you are a verified and authentic user, they conduct a one-time authorization payment process. There will be a transaction of $2 ( price may vary on payment gateway and currency) on your credit or debit card. The authorization will show up for a few days in your bill. Then, it will expire in 7 to 14 days, after which the amount will be refunded to your account. This is just to confirm that you are an authentic user. 

After this, you will be able to purchase $1, which means one gold tip will cost you $1. The features in Jerkmate can only be bought by spending these golds. Different features have different gold values; for example, exclusive chat starts from $1. However, it depends on the model. All streaming fees will be deducted from the amount of gold coins you bought.

Privacy and Security

Jerkmate claims to have a very strong and authentic privacy and security system. Here are some of the in depth details of it.

Information Jerkmate Collects

While creating an account, Jerkmate asks you to provide a little personal information like name, email ID, address, and phone number. They keep this information discreet. Furthermore, on social media, the posts, photos, videos, and other things you share can be protected as per your privacy settings. Whether you want it to share information with the public or keep it private all depends on your settings. However, Jerkmate collects some of your device data, like the domain, operating system, and internet network you are using. IP address, cookie information, and software data are also collected for technical usage. Jerkmate collects this information to facilitate better participation and service. Jerkmate discloses this information to third parties only in case to protect from fraudulent and illegal activities, and potential threats to users.

Data Retention and Protection

Jerkmate has reasonable physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to retain and protect user data. The authority will protect your data for as long as it’s necessary for their lawful business purpose as per legal rights. Furthermore, as per Jerkmate reviews, this platform also deploys regular antivirus to the site so that it stays away from any malfunction or virus threat. Their antivirus is very strong to withstand hackers. Jerkmate uses a strong data retention and protection policy, which ensures that third parties will steal no data. Furthermore, very little information is taken while creating an account, which means there’s a very low risk of data theft.

Payment Safety

Jerkmate will give you various options to make the payment. You can make the payment using your debit card, credit card, and also PayPal. All these payment modes have two-factor authentication, which gives an extra layer of protection during making the transaction.

Reporting and Blocking

The Jerkmate authority will ban users from spreading spam links or misbehaving with fellow users or cam models. Users can also directly block anyone if they feel any threat or scam. Jerkmate knows that there are lots of fake profiles that come with the motive to spam. Reporting against these profiles will lead to an investigation by the authorities, who will take necessary actions. A model can also block a user if they misbehave.

Customer Support of Jerkmate

Customer Support of Jerkmate

 Our review Jerkmate has examined that the Jerkmate customer support team provides high-level customer service. For them, their customer is the prime thing. The team is available for 24*7 hours and offers the best possible assistance. Be it a technical problem, payment problem, or security problem, the team has a solution for everything. There are many customer support members in Jerkmate from various parts of the world. Hence, you will get help in all the major languages available in Jerkmate. So, here are some key points regarding their contact information.

  • If you have any general questions regarding the website, you can contact Here, you can also share your valuable feedback. 
  • For any kind of technical queries, for example, billing, or payment problems, customers can go to their ‘Get Support Now’ page. 
  • You will get three types of customer support contact options, which are live chat support, WhatsApp, and Email. 
  • If someone has a grave problem that can only be solved by DMCA, one can request that on their DMCA page. 
  • For general queries, one can also visit their FAQ page. Here, normal questions that generally appear in our minds are answered. 

Jerkmate Reviews and Testimonials by Users

Customer reviews and ratings are one of the much-needed things in any platform. Without authentic testimonials, making these reviews on Jerkmate won’t be possible for us. The testimonials of various customers, irrespective of country, have helped us make a truthful Jerkmate review for you. Here are some of the reviews given by various users. 

“My experience on Jerkmate was absolutely amazing…  Personally, I’m very fond of Latina cam models, and Jerkmate has a marvelous selection of Colombian babes with juicy backsides who love to masturbate. Get a private show with a horny Latina model, and I can promise you won’t be disappointed.  The selection is refined and very diverse. I’ll keep coming back for sure!” – Joey (London)

“Let me tell you about my personal experience on Jerkmate. To be honest, at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sign up to this cam site. I’ve had some bad experiences on other cam sites. But I said, Oh hell, let’s give it a shot.  Right away, I could tell that this was going to be an altogether different type of sexual adventure. The girls here were not only cool and friendly; they actually wanted to interact with you on a webcam.” – Damian (Hamburg)

“I never write testimonials or reviews. This is my first time. I wanted to do it because this site has the hottest cam girls in the world. Now, it’s not like I’ve been on many cam sites before, but I have been known to frequent them from time to time. In my honest and humble opinion, Jerkmate really is the best among the competition.” – Jimmy (Seattle)

Terms and Conditions

When you are visiting Jerkmate and creating an account, you agree to their terms and conditions. Hence, one must know about all the provisions stated in the terms and conditions.

Zero Tolerance for Minors

Since this is an adult cam site, Jerkmate strictly prohibits people under 18 years old. They do not entertain child pornography and possible sexual exploitation of children. Any member providing false information about their age and if being under 18 will be immediately blocked from Jerkmate after detection. Jerkmate makes sure that such members won’t be able to open their accounts again at any time in the future.

Zero Tolerance for Sex Trafficking and Prostitution

Jerkmate does not support prostitution and sex trafficking of minors by force or fraud. If any such activities are detected, Jerkmate will take the help of criminal investigation and law enforcement. Violation of this condition will immediately result in account cancellation.

Content Creation

Only verified content creators in Jerkmate can upload content. After an in-depth scrutiny and examination, the authorities confirm the verified content providers with government ID cards. The content of each creator goes through review, and if any content seems illegal and violates social and mental boundaries, it will be shut down immediately. Furthermore, usage of the Jerkmate contents in other ways by third parties will not be entertained. Jerkmate will take legal action against such bad usage.

Refund Policy

Jerkmate has no refund policy. In case there is a technical problem for which your money got detected, Jerkmate will make it even by giving you some discounts or free credits. However, they won’t refund you in cash. 

Our review Jerkmate is not enough to hold up all the terms and conditions. There are a few more terms and conditions, which you can check on their official website.

Deleting Jerkmate Account

Many users in Jerkmate search for ways to delete their accounts. Here is a step-by-step guidance to help you out if you have decided to delete your account.

Cancel Subscription

  • If you have a premium membership, you have to cancel it first before you delete your Jerkmate account. 
  • First, log into your account. 
  • Click on your profile in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  • Then, tap on the ‘My Account’ option.
  • Next, click on the billing option. 
  • Lastly, you will see a subscription cancellation option. Clicking on which will cancel your membership.

Deleting Account

  • First, click on the My Account settings option.
  • Then, scrolling down you will see the remove account option.
  • Click on that, and it will ask to confirm the password. 
  • After confirming the password, click on remove the account, and your account will be deleted.
  • Furthermore, you can also get help from the support team and ask them to cancel your subscription and delete your account. They will ask the reason for deletion. Once they confirm, they will delete your account from their end.

Jerkmate Competition and Alternatives

There are hundreds of sex cam websites like Jerkmate. The competition in this market is rising day by day. Jerkmate no doubt has great features, models, security, and privacy policies, but other similar sites also have great things. 

Now that you have read our Jerkmate reviews, if you want to compare, you must know some alternatives to this platform. Here are some similar sites that compete with this platform and might be alternatives for you.


LiveJasmin is a very popular and old adult cam site entertaining from 2001. This platform is particularly known for the performance level of the cam models. It is also a credit-based site where users can get 17.98 credits for $24.99. With tons of features and models, it’s a good competition to Jerkmate. 


Launched in 2004, this platform has more than 100,000 models. Male, female, couple, trans, all types of sexuality are welcome here. Here, one can get a lot of free content. For premium content, customers can buy credits, which start from 200 tokens for $19.99.


CamSoda is one of the cheapest adult cam sites. This is an open source for hookup, casual sex, and cam2cam interaction in real-time. Models from various corners of the world come here and perform. You can get 50 tokens for $5.99. This platform has great quality models.

Apart from these 3, you will have Stripchat, BongaCams, Chaturbate, Streamate, Flirt4Free, ImLive, RoyalCams and many more. Some sites have great features, some are blessed with high-quality models, and some sites are budget-friendly. It’s up to you which one you like the most.

Safety Tips

Jerkmate is a legit adult cam site, but there is no harm in knowing some safety tips to stay safe while browsing through this platform. So, here are some safety tips for you.

  • There are tons of fake profiles to hinder your enjoyment. So stay alert to these fake profiles. 
  • Don’t click on any unrecognized link provided or commented on by fellow users. Clicking on the links may redirect you to other risky sites.
  • Don’t give your personal information to anyone. Even if any cam model lures you in their beauty and asks for personal details, don’t make it happen. This way, your data can be stolen and sold. 
  • While making the payment for the subscription, make sure that all your card numbers and bank details are safe. 
  • Keep a limit on using Jerkmate. Make sure you are not spending too much time and money on this platform. It’s best to keep tracking your hours and bank balance.
  • While registering, read the privacy policies and then subscribe. It’s better to know what you are going for.

So, follow these safety tips to stay safe and always alert. It’s your responsibility to keep yourself away from any harm.

safety tips to stay safe

How Jerkmate Review Can Help You Understand Better?

Jerkmate is a site that helps people masturbate with tons of sexy content. To help you get an honest and authentic review, in this article, we have discussed everything only to provide you with a comprehensive Jerkmate review. This review will help you in many ways.

  • You will get to know about the site interface, which you will navigate easily.
  • The terms and conditions will make you stay aware of their policies regarding various services.
  • You will also learn about other similar sites and may even find an alternative. 
  • Knowing the features will make you understand the quality of this platform.
  • The pros and cons will let you decide whether you should go for it or not.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Jerkmate is an adult cam site that is solely dedicated to providing sexual entertainment. People come here to meet their kind of people and hot cam models. By sexting, video calling, and masturbating, they fulfill their sexual desires and kinks. It’s a platform that helps people find their kind of erotic thing.

So, this is an in-depth and comprehensive Jerkmate review that no other platform will provide you with. Starting from its features to interface to pros and cons, privacy policies, membership and pricing, security, terms, and conditions, everything has been reviewed and discussed. Now that you know everything, it’s entirely up to you whether you should go for Jerkmate or not. With this much information in this Jerkmate review and deep analysis, we hope you will be able to decide what’s best for you.


Yes, Jerkmate is a legit adult cam site providing sexual services to people in need. This is a legal site. However, in some countries this platform might be banned due to sexual content. However, users from all over the world can access the site using a VPN.

Yes, Jerkmate is real. You can visit the official site using this link: The platform is very authentic and legal.

Thousands of performers always live in Jerkmate, and finding one is the easiest process. You will get them in the live-streaming sessions. Cam models from various countries are available for 24*7 hours.

Jerkmate works with its various adult features like live cam shows, cam-to-cam interaction, private chat, exclusive chat, sex games, and so on. Cam model girls, boys, couples, and trans come here and do sexual stuff to make users have a good masturbation session. With a premium subscription and gold coins, customers can access all the features of Jerkmate.

Yes, Jerkmate is absolutely safe. Be it security and data retention, privacy policy, cookies, and information, all are safe with Jerkmate. Jerkmate operates the site and claims to provide secure browsing.

There is no rate for Jerkmate premium membership. The users have to pay a one-time amount of $2 to get the authorization to their debit or credit card. This is just to check the authenticity of the user. After that, you are supposed to buy gold coins, which cost 1 dollar for one coin, and use them to get various features.

Jerkmate Live is a live-streaming session that the cam models of Jerkmate hold. In these live sessions, users can connect with their favorite models, ask them to perform for them, tip them with gold coins, and so on. The live session time varies on each cam model’s schedule.

  • Cam models genuinely interact with the viewers
  • Join the fun - Control a model's toys (remote control)
  • Either choose to sign up, or browse sex cams for free
  • #1 Cam Site: Over 10,000 members sign up every month